58 years of relative peace, 58 years since the last orc fell. 58 years since the death of the evil gods and the planes were sealed. Now the world, Panthos, is quiet. Almost uninhabited such was the price of the Gods war. But, there is life, 14 races populate the world with 13 Gods remaining.

Now is the time of the Games! The 13th Games were just held.

Every 2 years the political conferences, Bring up disputes, Plan for games.
Every 4 years the Races gather to promote peace, make sure the disputes that have been resolved and adhered to for game eligibility, to share the culture and histories of those that are before they are lost. To share technology or recent discoveries in the lands not traveled or in magic. To celebrate the differences and similarities of all races. What better way to have unity than by having a competition, and as such bragging rights.

The Games are composed of each race selecting 2 events and every race trying their best at it. Goliath’s usually pick wrestling while Halfing’s pick capture the flag, some events are solo some are teams.

But this years games were different, The gods made an appearance not since the war have they been seen on this plane. They took champions from each race, and made teams, they said that they needed the seals that have been placed around the world to renew planar seal once and for all, without these seals the barrier they erected to save the planes would fall and they were too few to hold off the Elementals. As payment for the heroic deeds the Team that brought back the seals would earn Godhood and join them in the Pantheon.

So now the race has begun, will they be helped or hinderd? Will they be set upon by those still loyal to the evil old ones, will petty xenophobic ideals be the down fall of the world?

After The War, Struggles Remain.

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