After The War, Struggles Remain.

Best Part of Waking Up

After a night spent under the stars and cave roof, our adventures break camp and head south.

So it Begins

This year, the games were glorious. We had stunning upsets, long standing records broken, an infamous Bard competing. Everything was going smoothly, and at the awards ceremony honoring all the Champions that had earned either gold, sliver, or copper wreaths, the Gods showed up.

They ringed the Arena, and then one speaker appeared on stage telling everyone to be not afraid. But they needed help in collecting the seals that made the barrier between the planes, within two years the barrier would fail, and there were not enough of them left to fight the Elementals. The Speaker asked for volunteers and told them that they only wanted those without evil in there heart to step forward, and if evil did step forward they would be smited, for those who chose this path and were able to complete the task would be added to the Pantheon and be made Gods in their own right. Naturally everyone but one Sorcerer step forward. 84 in total were then hit with a holy light so bright, so righteous, so powerful it burned the evil right off the bones, coincidentally 40 piles of bones fell into little piles where powerful champions had stood only moments before. Those that were left, were branded with a sort of tattoo, on the right hand, of an animal, and seemed to throb when held in a specific direction.

From these tattoo 9 teams were formed usually having one race each of the 14 races that competed. They were told to seek the seals, the tattoo would lead the way, and to one team they said you are without a 5 team member we shall take this Sorcerer and see if he has it in him to be a God and return him to you. Then the Gods vanished with the warning of having only two years to complete the task and only one team would be deemed worthy of Godhood.

The Company, then decided together to go to an Tavern and “learn about each other” which basically consisted of telling everyone’s’ name: Opal Blackforge Fighter of the Dwarfs, August Brightcloak Bard of the Tieflings, Erändil an Wood Elf Monk, and Dipple “Handys” Piherpaws Druid of the Gnomes, and joining into a bar room brawl. Handys got up on the bar and started throwing bottles, Opal laughed at everyone to their face saying “Come at me”. Erändil only joined when she was punched in the head while sitting down at a table and August casted Charm on a Goliath to do his fighting for him, while he slipped out the front.

As the fight ended, El Cap e ton Lug Bromsmith , escorted August back inside the Tavern, with several guards. He told them he would overlook this little engagement if they would talk with him. He proposed that they now had celebrity status, being both Champions of the games and possibly new Gods. That they would no doubt be set upon by all manner of people, from the nobility to urchins, even would be assassins, all with the goal of having the Company personally bettering their life. He asked that the Champions refrain from siding with just anyone and be wary of those that would use them to gain political power. They were new Gods now and to think about what kind of deeds they wish to be known for, helping the innocent, the broken, or Just for themselves. With that he bid them good night, and offered his services to help them cross the sea if needed depending on where they headed.

In the morning, they had decided to travel on land to the north west, Human realm. As they were leaving the Champions were set upon an indignant, clearly drunk, young human noble. He raged claiming that Erändil had tripped him in the race, and hence had robbed him of Godhood. That he was not about to let them steal his glory, he was going to see if Gods did indeed bleed. At the end of his speech he threw two swords at the Champions. They happen to be Magic swords battling against August Erändil and Handys, Opal took her bow from her back, fired an arrow into the noble’s shoulder causing the noble to flee. The Champions quickly disposed of the swords and begone walking out of the city.

On their way out of town, they were approached by three men. Each man was adorned by finely crafted clothing, of his own race. A Dwarf, A Halfing, and a Human, Lorin Flamebeard, Stem Tophill, and Hugh Bogg. They asked if they would support, in writing, a forming of a Merchant Guild here in Panthos, as El Cap e ton had not let them officially form a charter within the walls. August is promptly pulled into a side conversation with Stem. Opal is asked about her family, and if she is in fact, the daughter of Clevius Blackforge. The owner of The Blackforge. Where weapons are made that never need to be honed, Armor that never seems to lose it’s luster. Opal confirms she is and asks what is in it for them to support the guild as she and half her family are already members, with dues being paid on time and without complaint every month. Returning to the conversation, August demands “Horses, we’d like horses!” Hugh tells them there are horses for sale outside the walls. The owner is a Goblin of ill manners but takes good care of all creatures under his care. They may be able to come to some sort of arrangement like 50 gold a Horse. Looking around August quickly gleams from his companions that might be all the gold that they have between them and responds with a compelling “Come on…….”(Crit) Stem offers that for 5 swords of from the Blackforge at 20% and he’ll buy 10. Done! August exclaims,much to the drop jaw of Opal. With that Handys breaks out into song about getting a horse, and the Monk quietly tags along.
At the Stables 3 horse and 1 pony for the druid are bought and Opal signs a Document telling her father of the arrangement. But before anyone else even touches the horses she tells the Company that these are Her horses until the money for ownership shows it’s self in her pocketbook.
The Champions then decide to go along the road South til it turns skirting the Lizardman Territories and headed North through the Dwarven Lands to the Human Realm and their capital city Bastion.
Near Late afternoon they came to the Cross roads leading into the Lizardman Territories, the Goliath Mountains or continue due south along the road to No Where. August tells them of a cave he has heard about but never seen call the Ice Cave. They decide to check it out, for it would be getting dark before they reached anywhere, and Opal liked the sound of having a roof over her head. They trekked up the side of a foot hill to a sheer rock outcropping and the entrance to the cave was in fact covered with a lite covering of frost. Opal tired her rope to an Arrow and with expert marksmanship drove the arrow into solid Rock (Crit). With all the Party hoisted or climbed onto the ledge. They lit torches and wandered into the cave.
Inside the cave the saw a little stream that had formed two pools, and in the center of the cave was the skeleton of a young white dragon. Handys thought this was very interesting but wish to see more, so she went around to a side passage and was followed by Opal. Erändil looked around the skeleton and found two rubies. At this time they heard a Ribit, and turn around just in time to see a Huge toad launch itself from the water. Before they could react they heard Handys saw it’s got me…. and was promptly swallowed whole but another Toad. Opal going into quick action brought down her war hammer, with a powerful strike getting the toad to release the druid. The Druid caught off guard, tried to speak with the beast, but the beast was not interested in talking, and lunched for Handys again. At this Point Handys Turned into a bear, and attacked with Opal who, brought down the final blow. Erändil with a steady clam dispatched the Toad with the help of August and his trusty rapier.
After everyone had returned to the central room, They decide to set up camp at the mouth of the cave. While walking toward the entrance August turned back around to the others and said "Who knew there would be frogs here? at which point another toad Bigger than the others spit out his tongue and grabbed August. The Company fought managed to bring down the toad without harming August who was inside.
As they made camp for the night Opal asked anyone else was frog legs for dinner? The Company laughed and ate and laughed.

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